Where to go for academic help

It is common to struggle with schoolwork. New students from the U.S. and other countries find it challenging. Luckily, there are many places to get help.

  • Academic Support Centers- A center on campus where students can seek help with schoolwork. Nearly all U.S. colleges and universities have one.
    • At the center, another student will usually tutor you.
    • These students will keep your visits confidential. They cannot discuss your academics with other students.
    • Academic support at these centers is free.
    • At these centers, you can receive help with:
      • Exam preparation
      • General study skills
      • Learning disabilities
      • Learning English
      • Writing skills
        • Avoiding plagiarism
        • Grammar
        • Spelling
  • Professors- As we covered earlier, professors have office hours. These hours are good times to receive academic support.

Office hours might conflict with your classes and activities. Your professor can still help you. You’ll need to schedule an appointment to see him. Your professor should provide his contact information at the first class. This is usually found on the syllabus. (A syllabus is a list of assignments for the semester.) Get to know all your professors.

Even if you don’t need help, introduce yourself. It is a good relationship to have in the future.

  • Your classmates- In college, everyone is busy. Everyone wants to do well. Your friends want you to do well, too.

Suppose you’re studying mathematics. You might still be required to take a literature class. As you make new friends, find out what they’re studying. Some of them might love literature. Some are probably studying it. Ask them to help you. They are happy to serve as experts on the topic.

Your friends can help you with your English. Speak English with your friends, no matter where they are from. If they point out a mistake, they’re not mocking you. They are helping you improve with the language. And, they can help you improve academically.