Directions to CWRU from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

  • The train that will take you to CWRU costs $2.25 in exact change.
  • Follow the airport signs marked “RTA” to the boarding platform.
  • Deposit $2 in the fare box at the RTA booth.
  • Board the 66X Airport-Windermere Eastbound Redline Rapid Transit train (the only one you can ride from the airport).
  • Stay on the train until you reach the “University Circle/Cedar” station. This is approximately the 13th stop. It comes after the “East 105th-Quincy” station. As you approach you will see a sign on the platform that reads “Cedar University.”
  • Exit the train when it stops at University Circle. Walk down the stairway at the doors marked “CWRU-WESTBOUND ONLY.” If you have heavy suitcases that you would rather not take down the stairs, follow the handicapped signs to the elevator. To take the elevator, you need to walk around the stairwell along a narrow path. Ride the elevator down one level.
  • Follow the corridor and exit the station through the first doors on the left that lead up stairs.
  • Outside, walk up the stairs to the enclosed bus stop. If you have heavy suitcases, you may wish to use the wheelchair ramp by going to the right and then back up to the left to reach the top of the stairs.
  • Wait at the bus stop for a bus marked “Circle Link” or “Campus Loop” (North Bound). (No fare is needed for the Circle Link or Campus Loop buses.)
  • Board the University’s bus. Tell the driver that you wish to ride to Adelbert Hall.
  • When the bus stops in front of Adelbert Hall, follow a sidewalk leading behind the building. This will lead you to the “South Quad,” an open area with a tall fountain that is surrounded by various buildings. Tomlinson Hall is located almost directly across from Adelbert Hall, between Crawford Hall and Yost Hall. Feel free to ask for directions along the way if you feel lost.
  • Once inside Tomlinson Hall, the Office of International Student Services is located on the 1st floor in the Center for International Affairs. We are looking forward to meeting you!
  • If you should have any difficulty along the way, please telephone the Center for International Affairs at (216) 368-2517. (There are small yellow boxes around campus that work as telephones for calling within the CWRU campus. You would only dial 2517 in this case.)

The Office of International Student Services is only open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Ask the airport information desk to help you arrange accommodations at a local hotel or motel if you arrive late and need such assistance.

There are also alternative ways to visit CWRU by car or bus. The ISS website provides maps and directions, in addition to details on visitor parking and nearby lodging.